Community guidelines

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As part of the platform, users can freely contact Riverside Support for immediate and direct assistance. These Community guidelines shall ensure that the Riverside Support Team feels safe and secure throughout the provision of such services. Please review these guidelines and the Terms which incorporates them before contacting Riverside Support.  

You shall engage with the Riverside Support team in a respectful and encouraging manner and refrain from:

  • Using violent words or content depicting or condoning violence (including violence against others or yourself);

  • Being rude. Refrain from threats of any kind, blackmail, harassment, hate speech or any content intended to humiliate, intimidate, bully, or shame; and

  • Engaging in any form of discrimination or discriminatory conduct regarding a person’s age, citizenship, color, creed, disability, family status, gender, occupation, marital status, race, sexual orientation, military service, or victimhood.

Violation of the letter or spirit of these guidelines and/or our Terms will result in a warning. Continued violation following a warning may result in suspension, disabling, or termination of your access to receiving customer support at Riverside’s sole and exclusive discretion.

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