Mute own mobile device's audio output

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To use your mobile device as your camera when multiple people are recording in the same room, mute your device's own speaker. This helps prevent audio feedback and echo from the device.

Step by step

  1. Download the Riverside iOS app or Riverside Android app.
  2. Join a Studio using the app as a Host, Guest, or Producer.
  3. At the bottom of the Lobby screen, tap the … three dots icon.
  4. On the menu, tap Mute speaker speaker-volume-2.svg.
  5. In the upper right corner, tap Join to enter the Studio.
    Mute Own Speaker in Lobby.png Muted in the Lobby.png In Studio.png

Your mobile device's audio output is entirely muted. Unless you also tap microphone-ios.svg (mute mic), the device still records your audio and that audio is heard in the Studio. The Host or Producer can also mute your device's microphone from their mobile app or use the volume fader sliders if they are connected to the Studio using a computer.

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