Cameras: Canon DSLRs


You can connect many mirrorless, compact, or DSLR cameras manufactured by Canon to your computer by using:

Equipment Overview

Maximum Video Resolution

Maximum depends on the camera model and connection type

Manufacturer details EOS Webcam Utility


  • Canon's EOS Webcam Utility is free software but has a number of paid features that require a subscription, including:
    • 1080p resolution (digital upscale)
      • Note: Not every Canon camera can output more than 720p over a USB connection.
    • control camera's settings via Utility software
    • hotkeys


In general:

  • Set the camera's frame rate to match the Studio's set frame rate.
  • Connect the camera to an external power source, rather than using its battery, if possible.

If using EOS Webcam Utility:

  • Reduce the framerate of the preview:
    • canon-EOS-settings.svg Settings > Video > Preview Framerate
  • Prioritize frame rate over picture quality:
    • canon-EOS-settings.svg Settings > Video > Frame Rate
  • For best results, do not connect the camera wirelessly.

If using an HDMI capture card:

  • Check your Canon camera's compatibility details at the capture card manufacturer's website, like on
  • Turn off the camera's informational overlays, such as the focus box, resolution, etc. (called a 'Clean HDMI Feed') so it is not present on your recorded video.
  • Disable any power-saving settings that automatically turn the camera off after a period of non-use.
  • Confirm that you have selected the capture card as your video input in Riverside (like "Cam Link 4K"), rather than "EOS Utility" or the name of the camera model.


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