Which platforms require a new Stream Key between sessions?

The following platforms will require you to generate a new Stream Key and add it to Riverside:


  • By default, the stream key is valid until you log out of Facebook. Once you start to preview a broadcast, you have up to 4 hours to go live.

    • After each time you click Go Live, you need to generate a new stream key and add it to Riverside.
    • You can also enable Use persistent stream key, which keeps the stream key valid for longer.


  • If you click Go live now to preview the stream and then create a separate scheduled LinkedIn Live event afterward, you may need generate and add a new Stream Key and Stream URL before the scheduled event.

    • You’ll be able to get the Stream Key and Stream URL 1 hour before your scheduled start time.

    • You can go live 15 minutes before the scheduled start time and up to 2 hours it.

    • If you've begun live streaming to LinkedIn and refresh the page on LinkedIn, you may need to stop recording, and generate a new Stream Key and Stream URL on LinkedIn to add to Riverside.


  • YouTube's stream key changes when you click End Stream in the corner of the YouTube Live Stream page or click Reset in the Stream settings tab.
    • If you Stop the recording on Riverside instead, the stream key does not change. Riverside stops sending data to YouTube and the stream ends within 20-30 seconds. 
    • The stream key for a scheduled live stream can be used multiple times if you go to Live Streams > Manage > Schedule Stream and choose Reuse settings to create more scheduled streams.

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