Microphone: Apple AirPods


You can connect your AirPods to a computer or mobile device via Bluetooth.

Equipment Overview

Compatibility with Riverside

checkmark-yes.svg Computer Browser
checkmark-yes.svg Riverside Mobile App

Connection type Bluetooth
Manufacturer details

Full specs at apple.com


  • If you use your AirPods with the Riverside iOS app, you may see a pop-up message 'Wired Connection' in the Studio. Tap No to use the AirPods as both microphone and headphones.
  • If connected to a computer, enable Echo Cancellation to reduce the risk of audio bleed.
  • Be sure your AirPods' batteries are sufficiently charged before recording with them.
  • Although most people do not encounter issues when using AirPods to record, some users have observed that the AirPods' Bluetooth connection can cause latency (lag).


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