Microphone: Shure MV7


This microphone allows you to connect via USB to your computer or via XLR to an audio interface.

Equipment Overview

Compatibility with Riverside

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alert-square.svg Riverside Mobile App (see below)

Connection type Micro-B-USB (Mic) to USB-C or USB-A (Computer)
or XLR (Mic) to Audio Interface
Manufacturer details

Full specs at shure.com


  • Connect your headphones to the computer instead of to the microphone to minimize any echo.
  • The MV7 is highly directional. Be certain that the mic is directly pointing at you.


This mic is only compatible with the Riverside mobile app when using a device with a USB-C port:

  • iPad or iPhone with a USB-C port
    Please note: Some external USB-C mics are not compatible with iOS 17 on the iPad.
    1. On the Studio's Lobby screen, connect the microphone to the iPad or iPhone via USB-C.
    2. Once you join the Studio, in the Wired connection pop-up:
      • Connect headphones to the microphone and tap No.
  • Android phone with a USB-C port
    1. Connect the microphone to your device.
    2. Connect headphones to the microphone to hear the Studio.


  • If you cannot be heard in the Studio, check whether the mute button on the mic's touch panel interface is on.

Further troubleshooting

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