I see flickering lines in my video

This Can Help Solve

  • Consistent flickering or flashing waves in video

If you notice a flickering effect when recording at 24 frames per second (FPS), it might be due to the frequency of the light pulses from the artificial lighting in your recording space.

Suggested Troubleshooting Steps

Host or Producer – Change Studio Frame Rate

Try changing the Studio's frame rate:

  • Change the frame rate to 29.97 FPS if you are in:
    • North America,
    • South America, or
    • another place with 60 Hz frequency electricity.
  • Change the frame rate to 25 FPS if you are in:
    • Africa,
    • Asia,
    • Australia,
    • Europe, or
    • another place with 50 Hz frequency electricity.


Any Participant – Change Camera Settings

  • If using an external camera, check if you can control its frame rate.
    • Try changing its frame rate to one of the frequencies above, based on location.
    • Or change it to match the Studio's set frame rate.

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