Live Stream to LinkedIn — Schedule a LinkedIn Live Event

Follow the steps below to use LinkedIn's Go Live page to schedule an event for later.

If you schedule an event for later, LinkedIn only generates the Stream Key and Stream URL one hour before the scheduled start time. You can also do a test preview of the LinkedIn live stream or go live immediately.

You need to be eligibile to use LinkedIn Live to stream directly on LinkedIn. If you are not eligible, you can still export a recording from Riverside and post it on LinkedIn.

You must generate a new Stream Key for LinkedIn (steps 10–12) each time you do a live stream. If you refresh the LinkedIn page, you must generate a new Stream Key or create a new Live Event.

Schedule the event and post

  1. Using a computer, sign in to your LinkedIn account.
  2. Go to the LinkedIn Live page.
  3. Under New Stream, select Schedule for later.
  4. Enter the desired time for the live stream.
  5. Under Create a post, enter a description and stream Title.
  6. In the upper right corner, click Schedule stream.
    LinkedIn shares the event post with your network. LinkedIn_Live-Scheduled-Combined-01.png

Set up the stream, preview it, and go live

  1. Up to one hour before the event's scheduled time, go to the Manage streams page.
  2. Next to the desired streaming event, click Prepare to go live.
  3. Under the Stream settings tab, pick a nearby region.
  4. Click Get URL.
  5. Copy the Stream URL and the Stream Key.
  6. Paste each in the Riverside Studio's settings under LinkedIn.
  7. For all sites you do not plan to stream to, click the toggle off toggle-off-grey_36x24.svg .
  8. In Studio settings General section, confirm that the Studio privacy is set to Public, rather than Private.
  9. In the Riverside Studio, start recording to start the live stream feed to LinkedIn.
  10. Check the LinkedIn Live page for the Preview of the video stream.
  11. In the top right corner of LinkedIn, click Go live to start the Live Video event.

After you start the recording, it may take 15-20 seconds for the video preview to appear on LinkedIn.

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