Test External Mic Compatibility with Riverside Mobile App

Due to a limitation of iOS and Android, mobile devices cannot play audio output when most external microphones are connected to them. Follow the steps below to check if your external microphone will work in the Riverside mobile app.

Certain methods can be used to ensure you hear audio from the Riverside Studio when using an external microphone on your mobile device, such as using a TRRS splitter.

Step by step

  1. Connect the desired mic to the mobile device.
  2. With an iOS device: launch FaceTime.
    With an Android device: launch Google Meet.
  3. Using the service, call a contact.
  4. Speak into the microphone.
  5. Listen for an audio reply through your mobile device.
    If the other person can hear you and you can also hear them using FaceTime or Google Meet on the mobile device, the external microphone likely works using the Riverside mobile app.

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