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When you connect a USB audio interface to your computer, you can record with XLR microphones and have more ability to adjust the sound. The audio interface converts the XLR microphone's analog signal into a digital signal for your computer.

Some audio interfaces frequently used by creators on Riverside are below.

  Name Resources Notes
presonus_audiobox_hero_a.png PreSonus
AudioBox iOne

Manufacturer Info

Use this interface with Riverside

Headphone monitor port is ⅛th inch TRS. 

scarlett-2i2-hero-860-330_1.png Focusrite
Scarlett 2i2

Manufacturer Info

Using this interface with Riverside

rode-rodecaster-pro-overhead.png RODECaster Pro

Manufacturer Info

Using this interface with Riverside

Use the RODECaster Pro's Mix-minus setting to limit feedback and echo and select 'RØDECaster Pro Stereo' as the audio input and output in the Riverside Studio.

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