Recommended Microphones

Using an external microphone gives your recording a richer sound than a computer's built-in microphone or a headphone's in-line mic. Some external mics frequently used by creators on Riverside are below:

Microphones that connect directly to a computer

Microphones that connect to a computer through an Audio Interface

See also: Recommended Audio Interfaces

Microphones that connect to a mobile device

USB-C Microphones:

NOTE: These microphones connect to devices with a USB-C port. This includes certain iPads and some Android phones.

3.5 mm Microphones:

NOTE: Due to a device limitation about recognizing and selecting microphones, you must use a TRRS splitter to connect 3.5 mm mics to a mobile device.

Many external microphones are not designed for applications like Riverside since they disable audio output of a mobile device while the microphone is in use. For example, if you plug a microphone with a Lightning connector directly into your iOS device, the mic can record your audio in a voice memo, but you cannot hear audio from apps like FaceTime while it is connected. In the same way, when using those mics in a Riverside studio, you are unable to hear other participants.

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