About Transcription Formats

After recording, you can download transcriptions as SRT or TXT file formats.

  • The TXT file is a text document you can edit directly in Notes, NotePad, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or other word-processing software.
  • The SRT file is formatted to import to video editing or media player software to display captions during playback.

Both formats include all the recorded participants' dialogue divided into short text captions that indicate who is speaking. They also include timestamp information for a media player to display each caption at the correct time during playback.

For example, the TXT transcription looks like this:
Sample transcription output. Each line of the caption is divided by the timestamp that indicates how long to display it on screen, with roughly 3 to 6 seconds of spoken words on each line.

Use this online tool to remove the timestamps, if needed.

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