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Live stream your Riverside recording session to your Facebook Timeline profile to reach a broader audience. You can also live stream to your Facebook profile, Facebook page, or Facebook Live Video Event.

Who: Host and Producers
Plan: Standard, Pro, and Riverside for Business
Device: Computer Browser

Step by step

  1. Log in to Facebook.
    To stream to Facebook, your Facebook account must be at least 60 days old.
  2. Go to the Facebook homepage.
  3. Under What's on your mind?, click Live video.
  4. At the bottom of the Go live panel, click Go live.
  5. In the panel on the left, click Choose where to post.
  6. In the dropdown, select Post in group.
  7. Select the Group.
  8. In the panel on the left of the page, click When are you going live?
  9. Click Now or Later.
    • If Later, add the date and time
  10. On the far right side of the page, under Add post details, add the live stream's title and description.
  11. In the middle of the page, under Select a Video Source, click Streaming software.
  12. Under to Stream key, click Copy.
  13. Open the Custom RTMP live stream settings on Riverside.
  14. On Riverside, in the Stream Key field, paste the Stream Key.
  15. On Facebook, under Stream key,
  16. Under to Server URL, click Copy.
  17. In Riverside, in the Stream URL field, paste the Stream URL.
  18. Click Add.
  19. Click Go live to start the live stream feed.
  20. On Facebook, on bottom-left of the page, click Go Live or Schedule live video.Live_Stream_to_Facebook-Create_live_video_page_GL.png

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