Use iPhone as a Webcam with Continuity Camera

With Apple's Continuity Camera, use your iPhone as a webcam when you record from your computer's browser in up to 1080p resolution. This is a great way to take advantage of your iPhone's high-quality camera.

You can also use the Riverside mobile app to join a Studio as a Host and use your iPhone as a second camera angle in up to 4K resolution.

NOTE: Device Requirements
Using Continuity Camera requires an iPhone XR or iPhone 11 or newer with iOS 16 or later and a computer running macOS Ventura (version 13) or later. Both devices must be signed into the same Apple ID and also have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi turned on. If you have never connected the iPhone to the computer before, you may also need to tap Trust this Computer.

Step by step:

  1. Confirm that your devices meet the requirements in the note above.
  2. On your iPhone, open the Control Center, then tap the rotation lock icon to unlock the screen orientation.
  3. Push the iPhone's side button to turn off its display.
  4. Mount the iPhone behind or next to your computer's display.
  5. Turn the iPhone horizontally, with the rear-facing camera pointed toward you.
    Connect your iPhone to a power source so its battery does not drain while you record.
  6. On your computer, join a Riverside Studio using a supported browser (Chrome or Edge).
  7. On the Lobby page, select your iPhone as the camera.
    The iPhone plays a brief chime sound indicating that it is in use as a webcam.
    You can can select the iPhone as the microphone or use another device as your audio input.
  8. Enter your name.
  9. Click to indicate whether you are using headphones.
  10. Click Join Studio.

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