Best Practices When Screen Sharing

Share your computer screen in a Studio as the Host, a Guest, or a Producer. You can choose to share your entire computer screen, a program's window, or a browser's tab.

Here are recommendations for sharing your screen:

Before Recording: 

  • Close all other programs and tabs.
    • Screen sharing, especially during a recording, uses a significant amount of your computer's processing power.
  • Ensure you have a strong internet connection.
  • Turn off any VPNs, firewalls, or browser extensions.

While Recording:

  • Keep the window you are sharing at the same size.
    • Otherwise, each time you change the window's dimensions, a new video track of the shared screen is created using its new resolution, including its height and width.
  • Stay on the window with the shared content. In other words, avoid switching between the shared content and other windows (by clicking in and out of them).
  • For visibility of content in the Studio:
    • Increase the size of the content you are sharing for easier reading, especially if it is text.
      • The shortcut to adjust its size is usually to hold the key (Mac)/ctrl key (PC), then tap the + or - keys.
    • All participants can expand or minimize the video frame with the shared content in the Studio on their computer. The change only applies to their view of the Studio.
    • Participants on a mobile device can pinch-to-zoom the video frame.
TIP: See Studio Participants While Sharing
You can choose one video frame to stay visible above all other windows and programs by using picture-in-picture mode.

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