Perform a Test Recording

A test recording is a great way to ensure your recording session goes smoothly. We especially recommend this if you are recording with a new participant, using a new microphone or camera, or trying a feature for the first time, like sharing your screen or a media board file.

Follow the steps below to create a test recording and then make adjustments in your Studio based on the results of the test.

Test Your Studio Setup

  1. Using a computer, join a Studio as a Host.
  2. Invite participants and have them join the Studio.
  3. Click record-circle.svg Record to start a recording.
  4. After 30 seconds, click stop-square.svg Stop to end the recording.
    To check a participant's audio, be sure they speak during the test recording.
  5. Confirm that participants' tracks are uploading.
  6. In the Studio sidebar, click View recordings to open the take's page.
    If necessary, wait for the track/s to finish processing.

Review one participant's track

  1. Download a participant's High Quality Track.

Review combined recording tracks

  1. Click edit-scissors.svg Edit to open the combined recording with the Editor.
  2. Export a combined recording clip.
  3. Download a combined recording clip.

Make Adjustments

After reviewing the participant's High Quality Track or the combined recording clip, you may want to make some of these adjustments:

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