What do people watching the live stream see and can I customize it?

People watching the live stream on other platforms see the Studio participants' video tracks arranged in a gallery view, similar to the All Participants Backup recording file. In the live stream, shared media (like a screen share) is also displayed like participants' videos.

The live stream's 'gallery view' cannot be customized or changed. The stream does not display the Studio's logo graphic or the Studio Sidebar (including the chat).

This example screenshot includes the Riverside Studio (left) and the YouTube live stream (right). The Host on Riverside has turned their camera off, so only the two video frames of the Guests appear in the live stream.
Invited Audience members can watch the recording in the Studio, where they can expand a participant's video frame to change their own view of the Studio. The logo in a Teams Account's Studio is shown to Audience members.

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