Start and Stop a Live Stream

Live stream your Riverside recording session on other platforms to reach a broader audience.

IMPORTANT: Users with a Standard, Pro, or Teams account can live stream.
Before the live stream, set up the details for one or more platforms:

Confirm that the Live Stream is toggled On

  1. Using a computer, log in to your Riverside account.
  2. Join the desired Studio as a Host or Producer.
  3. In the bottom left corner, click settings.svg to access the Studio's Settings.
  4. On the left of the Settings window, click Live Stream.
  5. Scroll to the platform/s you want to stream to (like YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.).
  6. Confirm that the toggle for each desired platform is On toggle-on.svg and the Stream URL and Stream Key are added.settings-pop-up-mu.png
  7. Close the Settings window and return to the Studio screen.

Begin sending video signal from Riverside to platform

  1. At the bottom of the Studio, click the Record button to start the recording session's take.
    The Studio's audio and video are sent to the live stream platform/s.
  2. Click the Stop button to end the recording session's take.
    NOTE: Recording Additional Takes
    When the recording is stopped, the Studio's audio and video stop broadcasting on the other platform/s. However, the 'content container' for the live stream, such a YouTube post, Facebook post, or tweet, remains active for some time. If you start the recording again soon after stopping it, the audio and video continue live streaming to the same 'content container' on the platform/s.

End the live stream

  1. Follow steps 3, 4, and 5 above to access the Studio's Live Stream Settings.
  2. Click the toggle next to each Live Stream platform to turn them Off toggle-off.svg.
When you finish your live stream session, be sure to turn the live stream toggle/s Off for each platform in the Studio's Settings. Otherwise, the next time you record, the session will automatically live stream to the platforms.

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