I see ‘Getting Studio information’, Connecting you to Studio’, or ‘Unable to connect to Studio’ on the mobile app

Troubleshooting for:

  • The mobile app is stuck on Getting Studio information or Connecting you to Studio
  • Unable to connect to Studio message in the mobile app
NOTE: Geographic Restrictions
Users in some countries may not be able to connect to the Studio to record video or audio.

Suggested Troubleshooting Steps

If the Riverside mobile app is stuck on a loading screen, there may be a problem with your internet connection.

  1. Change your internet connection:
    • If your device is connected over cellular data, try to connect through a known Wi-Fi network.
    • If your device is connected through a Wi-Fi network, turn off its Wi-Fi connection and try to connect using a cellular data network.
    If you are still unable to load the Studio after changing your connection, continue below.

  2. Turn the mobile device off and turn it on again.

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