Troubleshooting: Check Console Logs

A Support or Customer Success agent may ask you to send your browser's Console log to help diagnose a recording issue.

Step by step

  1. Keep open the same computer browser tab with Riverside
    or open the Riverside page suggested by a Support or Customer Success agent.
  2. Right-click (or ctrl-click) anywhere on the page and select Inspect.
  3. In the new sidebar, click the Console tab.
  4. Take a screenshot of the information and send it to the Support or Customer Success agent.
TIP: Screenshot
On a PC: press and hold the Windows key + Shift + S or the Print Screen key.
The screenshot is added to your computer's clipboard.

On a Mac: press and hold the ⌘ key + Shift + 4.
The screenshot is saved to your Mac's desktop.

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