What is the difference between a Raw Video/Audio track and a Raw Synced Video/Audio track?

The Raw Video or Audio track is a participant's locally recorded High Quality Track.

A Raw Synced Video or Raw Synced Audio track includes padding at the start of the Raw track. The padding, or blank space, ensures that all the tracks stay synchronized if you combine them using editing software.

The Raw Synced Audio is only created if Studio's recording type is set to Audio Only.

In Depth

If a participant joins for only part of the recording or shares their screen or media after the start of the recording, their Raw Synced Video track or Raw Synced Audio track includes padding at the beginning of the track: black frames for a video file or empty space for an audio file.

When the tracks are combined using editing software, the track files all start at the same time, but each participant's recorded media plays at the correct moment on the timeline. 

In the example image below, the three Raw Synced Video tracks all start at 00:00. The Guest's track has black frames until her recorded media starts playing at 02:50, when she joined the recording Studio. The screen share track has black frames until it starts playing at 05:22, when the Guest began sharing her screen.


Raw Video tracks and Raw Audio tracks do not contain padding. The length of each Raw track file is the amount of that time the participant recorded.

In the example image above, the Host's Raw track would be 8 minutes, the Guest's Raw track would be 5 minutes, and the Raw screen share track would be 2 minutes.

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