Troubleshooting: Resolve the StartingBroadcast Error

If you see this error in the Studio when you begin to record: An error occurred: StartingBroadcast it likely means that the Studio settings include incorrect live stream information. The Host or Producer can follow these steps to resolve the issue.

Step by step:

  1. Using a computer, access the Studio's settings.
    In the Studio, click the settings.svg Settings icon.
  2. Click Live Stream, then continue below.

If you do not plan to live stream:

  1. Click the toggle next to any live stream service that is on toggle-on-UI_comp.png to turn it off toggle-left.svg.
  2. Close x-circle.svg the Settings window.
  3. Click Record to start a new recording.

If you do plan to live stream:

  1. Look for any live stream services that are on toggle-on-UI_comp.png.
  2. For each service, check that the Stream URL and Stream Key fields have the correct information.
    Check whether the Stream URL starts with rtmp://, not rtmps://, as in the example below. You may need to remove the letter S from the URL when you add it to Riverside's Stream URL field.

    Check that the Stream Key has the correct information by locating the Stream Key on the desired streaming service and pasting it in again. In the example below, the Stream Key is not correct because it is not long enough. incorrect-stream-key-and-url-RTMPS-marked_comp.png
  3. Close x-circle.svg the Settings window.
  4. Click Record to start a new recording.

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