Upload and Share a Presentation

Who: Host, Guests, and Producers
Plan: Riverside for Business
Device: Computer Browser

In a Riverside Studio, upload and share a presentation file during a session. After, download the deck as a high quality video track.

About the Uploaded File

You can upload Powerpoint (PPT or PPTX), Keynote (KEY), and Adobe PDF files up to 700 MB. To share a presentation file with animations or animated backgrounds, embedded videos, proprietary fonts, links to click while you present, or transitions, share your screen.

Any presenter notes that were added to the slides in another program are not visible in the Studio.

Step by step

  1. Using a computer, log in to your Riverside account and join a Studio.
    Or join a Studio as an invited Producer or Guest.
  2. At the bottom of the screen, click share-box.png Share.
    You can upload a presentation in the Studio before or during a recording session.
  3. Select Presentation_Recorder_Icon_2x.svg Presentation.
  4. Click + Upload PowerPoint, Keynote, or PDF.
    Your computer's file selector opens.
  5. Pick one or more presentation files and click Open.
    The file uploads.
  6. Hover over the thumbnail of the uploaded presentation file and click play.svg (present).
  7. Click or use the keyboard's arrow keys to change slides.
    To select another person to advance the slides, click the + button at the top and choose Give control.
  8. At the bottom of the Studio, click the same share-box.png Share button again (now labeled Stop) to end the presentation.
NOTES: Visibility and File Access
All participants, including Audience members in the Studio, can see the presentation. However, the presentation cannot be seen by people watching a live stream on an external platform.

The Host and Producers can access all presentations uploaded to the current Studio. A Guest can access all presentations they uploaded themselves.

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