Adjust Temperature and Exposure of Participant's Mobile Camera (Camera Controls)

Hosts and Producers in a Riverside Teams Studio can adjust a camera's color temperature and light exposure for participants who are recording with the Riverside iOS app. These camera controls allow for better-looking video, regardless of a participant's location and light conditions.

Follow the steps below to access camera controls using the iOS app.

Hosts and Producers can only make camera control adjustments before recording or while the recording is stopped.

Step by step

iOS App:

  1. Join a Riverside Teams Studio as a Host or Producer using the Riverside iOS app.
  2. After a Guest joins, tap and hold a participant's video frame until the action menu appears.
    The participant must be using the Riverside iOS app.
  3. Select Adjust cam.
  4. TapThermometer iconfor Temperature or Sun icon for Exposure
  5. Use the slider to adjust the video.
    Changes are automatically applied to the participant's video.
  6. Tap Done to close the window or Reset all to cancel.
While the Host or Producer is making changes, the participant sees a message "Your camera settings are being changed by your host..."

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