Join a Studio as an Audience member using Android

Download the Riverside Android app to watch a recording session in the Studio. Follow the steps below.

You can see the Host, Guests, and any Producers when they start recording.

To use the Studio sidebar's chat or be recorded during a Live Call-In, join the Studio from your computer.

Step by step:

  1. Download and launch the Riverside Android app.
  2. Open the invite you receive from the Host.
    The mobile device connects to the Studio.
    You may receive an invite link sent directly from the Host or an Audience invite email from  
    If it's a Studio Invite Link:

      1. Using the mobile device, tap the invite link.
    If it's an Audience Invite email:
      1. Open the email on your mobile device.
      2. In the email, tap Go To Studio.

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