Recording in Person with Multiple Participants

Riverside is designed for remote recording, but you can also use it to record some participants in the same room. Recording in person is a more advanced set-up: you must set up the sound input carefully to avoid echo and audio bleed. We recommend each participant use their own computer or device when they join the Studio.

If multiple people join the Studio using one device and the same audio and camera input, such as sitting side-by-side in front of a laptop, their audio and video is saved as one track.

Best Practices for Audio

  • Enable Echo Cancellation for the participants in the same room.
  • Participants should mute their microphones when they're not speaking.
  • Perform a test recording and listen to it to check for audio feedback.
If recording with multiple microphones, place the participants facing each other or with some physical distance separating them.

Multiple Participants with Multiple Computers/Devices (recommended)

Example: Three participants each use their own laptop or mobile device to join the Studio. They record both audio and video. Each participant's recording is saved as a separate High Quality Track.

  • Follow the guidelines above about Best Practices for Audio, especially Echo Cancellation.
  • Participants should wear headphones.
  • Participants should use their own external microphone.
    If possible, use cardioid or unidirectional microphones.
  • Before recording, do a test to check whether the internet bandwidth can handle multiple devices connecting over video.
Use the Riverside iOS or Android app to record another camera angle of multiple participants in one frame.

Multiple Participants with One Computer/Device

Example 1: Two participants use one laptop to join the Studio. They connect two microphones to an audio interface that combines two mics' signals into one feed and sends it to the computer. They record audio only and it is saved to a single High Quality Track.

Example 2: Two participants use one iPad to join the Studio. They sit in front of the camera and use the device's built-in microphone and speakers. They record audio and video, which is saved to a single High Quality Track.

The video frames in the Studio change size and are sometimes cropped to accommodate more remote participants on screen. High Quality Track video files are always recorded in 16:9 widescreen (or the widest aspect ratio available to the camera).

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