My recording stopped unexpectedly

This Can Help Solve

  • If you or your Guests see the message Your computer stopped recording and you need to reduce the computer's processing tasks

Troubleshooting Steps for the Person Whose Computer Stopped Recording

  • Close all other programs and browser tabs.
  • If your webcam has automatic settings like auto-exposure, auto-focus, or auto-white balance, consider turning them off.
  • If using a laptop, connect it to a power source or change its battery settings for maximum performance even when unplugged.

Troubleshooting Steps for the Host

  1. Stop the current recording.
  2. Click the settings.svg Settings icon to access the Studio's settings.
  3. In the Recording section, scroll to Video.
  4. Click on Optimized Quality.
    The next recording will default to 720p HD resolution.
  5. Start recording again.
If the Studio was already recording at Optimized Quality, the participant should try the steps above, join with the Riverside mobile app, or use a faster computer. 

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