Use Mobile Device as Second Camera Angle (Multicam Mode)

Who: Host
Device: Computer Browser with Mobile App

Join in Multicam mode from your mobile device to include an extra camera angle when you record.

The additional angle provides more flexibility: you can use it to capture a close-up, create a wide shot with multiple in-person participants, or get a second video track of yourself for the final edit.

NOTE: Device Requirements
This is a beta feature that is available in the Riverside iOS app on a device with iOS 15 or above or in the Riverside Android app. Be sure to use the latest version of the app.

Step by step

  1. Download the Riverside iOS app or Riverside Android app.
  2. Log in to your account on a computer.
  3. Join a Riverside Studio as a Host from the computer.
  4. Log in to your account on the mobile device.
  5. On the mobile device, navigate to the Studios list.
  6. Next to the same Studio joined in step 3, tap the three dots menu […].
  7. Select Join with second camera.
    Usually a phone's rear-facing camera is its higher resolution camera.
    Tap spin-rotate.svg to switch between the device's cameras.
  8. After the device connects to the Studio, tap Join with second camera again.
  9. Click Record on the computer.
    The mobile device records video (not audio) as a separate high quality track.
  10. After recording, leave the Riverside mobile app open until the upload completes.
    Mobile Studio Menu Multicam_blr.png

You can add more than one additional camera.

The camera's details are included in the Studio's People tab as Second Camera, but the Studio does not display an additional video frame for the camera angle.

The second camera angle does not appear to external audiences during a live stream.

Download the video as a high quality track labeled Second Camera on the recording's page afterward.

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