Host Checklist and Tips: Recording on Computer

Here are some tips for a seamless recording experience when you host a Studio session from your computer.

Before Recording

Prepare Your Guests

All participants should:

  • Wear headphones to prevent echo and increase overall audio quality.
  • Use external microphonesrather than a device’s built-in mic, which picks up more noises.
    • We recommend a wired microphone. However, a wireless microphone or a microphone built into wired headphones is also suitable.
  • Temporarily turn off any VPNs, browser extensions, content blockers, or firewalls.
  • Use a computer if planning to share your screen.
    • Test screen sharing from the Studio before recording.
  • Close other browser tabs and applications, as many as possible — especially any that also use the microphone or camera.
  • Check and adjust their computer's microphone sensitivity, if needed.
    Hosts and Producers can balance audio output levels of each participant in the Studio during a live call. However, only a participant can change their own computer's input level if it is too loud or too quiet.

When You Record

  • Run a short test recording with your Guests to preview each person's locally-recorded high quality track.
  • Confirm that Guests' tracks are recording and uploading. Look for:
  • After clicking Stop, remind Guests to leave the Riverside browser window or app open until their track upload is Successfully uploaded.

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