What is different about the Producer role on a Riverside Teams account?

The Host and Producer have similar abilities when joining the Riverside Teams Studio.

In a Teams Studio, a Producer can prompt a participant to change their Mic, Camera, or Speaker.

A Producer, even when part of the Riverside Teams account, does not record a separate High Quality Track.

NOTE: Producer included on All Participants Backup
A Producer with their mic/camera enabled during a recording does appear on the All Participants Backup recording.

IMPORTANT: Limits as Invited Producer
If you join a Studio that is part of the Teams plan using a Producer invite link but you are not logged in as part the team:

  • You will not be able to start and stop the recording;
  • You will not have access to view/download files after a recording;
  • You will not bypass the waiting room when entering the Studio (if a Lobby waiting room is enabled).

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