Teams Account: Member Roles

A Riverside Teams account can include members in the four roles below. The roles determine the actions the users can take and the access they have.

The account Owner, Admin(s), and Director(s) join their Studios in the Host or Producer role. Only in Teams Studios, the Host and Producer(s) can prompt a participant to use a different mic or camera input.

Account Owner

The Owner can change the settings of the overall Teams account, invite and remove users from the whole account and add and remove users in the account's Productions. They can create new Productions and access all the recordings of all Productions.

There is only one seat for the account Owner.


The Admin can create new Productions and change a Production's settings. Admins can add and remove users from Productions and access the recordings of Productions they are assigned to by the account Owner.

The total seats available for Admins is based on the Teams plan.


The account Owner or an Admin assigns a Director to one or more Productions. If enabled in the account settings, the Director can also create new Productions and adjust a Production's settings.

The total seats available for Directors is based on the Teams plan.


The account Owner, Admin, or Director assigns an Editor to one or more Productions. The Editor can view and download the Studio recordings of those Productions, as well as use Riverside's online Editor function.

There is no limit to the number of Editor seats in a Teams plan.

Someone who is not part of the Teams account can still join its Studios as a Producer or in other roles. Read more about participant roles.

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