Recording 4K Video (Overview)

Recording video at 2160p 4K resolution creates great-looking video, but it requires the right setup. 4K video files are much larger and need more computing power to record and edit.

With a Standard, Pro, or Riverside Teams plan, you can change your Studio‚Äôs default maximum video resolution to record participants who join from their computer or from the mobile app in up to 4K. 

Suggested Recording Setup

Your videos may not achieve 4K resolution or may have a lower frame rate than anticipated due to issues such as a limit with the camera or computer's hardware, connecting the camera with too many connectors/adaptors, not using a video capture card, a Studio's maximum video resolution setting, or because other browser tabs or open applications are using the computer's processing power.

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Change Studio's Default Video Recording Quality

Use Mobile Device as Second Camera Angle

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