Recording 4K: Overview

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Recording video at 2160p 4K resolution (3840 pixels × 2160 pixels) creates great-looking video, but it requires the right setup. 4K video files are much larger and require more computing power to record and edit.

With any of the paid Riverside plans, you can change your Studio’s default maximum video resolution to record participants who join from their computer or from the mobile app in up to 4K. A participant must have a camera that supports recording at 4K resolution.

Suggested Recording Setups

Your videos may not achieve 4K resolution or may have a lower frame rate than anticipated due to issues such as a limit with the camera or computer's hardware, connecting the camera with a cable that supports slower data transfer speeds or with too many hubs/adaptors, not using a video capture card, or because other browser tabs or open applications are using the computer's processing power.

Visual effects, like virtual backgrounds, can be enabled in your web browser only when a Studio has a maximum resolution of 720p or 1080p.

Please note:
Riverside records video from Logitech cameras capable of 4K, like the Logitech Brio, at up to 1080p resolution to ensure high frame rates. This maximum resolution only affects the Studio participant/s using the Logitech camera.

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