Best practices for recording on a computer and MacOS desktop app

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Follow these tips for the best experience when recording from a computer browser or the Riverside MacOS desktop app.

See Host Checklist and Tips or Guest Checklist and Tips for more info.

Computer & Internet

Before recording

When you record

  • Plug your computer in to a power source while recording.
  • Close other browser tabs and applications, especially any that use your microphone or camera or require a lot of your computer's processing power.
  • If using a Mac, try using the Riverside Studio macOS app for better performance
After you finish recording, leave the Riverside browser window open until you see the Upload Complete confirmation.

Audio & Video

Before recording

When you record

  • Wear headphones to prevent echo and increase overall audio quality.
  • Use an external microphone rather than your device's built-in mic. We recommend a wired microphone. However, a wireless microphone or a microphone built into wired headphones is also suitable.
If using a laptop's built-in webcam, put your laptop on something to bring the camera to the same height as your eyes.

If possible, record in a quiet space with daylight or with a lamp in front of you. The strongest light source should be in front of you, not behind you.

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