Recording Checklist and Tips for Guests

Before you join a Studio session, follow these tips for a seamless recording experience:

Your Setup

Audio and Video

  • Wear headphones to prevent echo and increase overall audio quality.
  • Use an external microphone rather than your device's built-in mic. We recommend a wired microphone. However, a wireless microphone or a microphone built into wired headphones is also suitable.
  • Before recording, check and adjust your microphone's sensitivity.

Prepare to Record

  • Temporarily turn off your computer's screensaver or a sleep mode setting that might interrupt the recording.
  • Temporarily turn off any VPNs, browser extensions, content blockers, or firewalls.
  • If you plan to share your screen, use a computer and test screen sharing from the Studio before recording.
    Leave the Riverside browser window or app open
    after you finish recording until you see Upload Complete or 100% Uploaded.

    Keep in mind that your locally recorded track will be higher quality than what you see and hear during the live call.

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