Guest checklist and tips: Recording on a computer

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Before you join a Studio session with your computer browser or the Riverside MacOS desktop app, follow these tips for a seamless recording experience:

Before recording

During recording

  • Wear headphones to prevent echo and increase overall audio quality.
  • Use an external microphone rather than your computer's built-in mic which picks up more noise.
    • We recommend a wired microphone. However, a wireless microphone or a microphone built into wired headphones is also suitable.
  • If possible, record in a space with daylight or with a lamp in front of you.
    • The strongest light should be in front of you, not behind you.
Keep in mind that your locally recorded track will be higher quality than what you see and hear during the live call.

When the recording stops

  • Leave the Riverside browser window open until you see Upload Complete or 100% Uploaded.

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