Troubleshooting: Change Browser's Hardware Acceleration Setting

In the Studio, if you or a participant have a video frame that appears black, green, or blank, first try refreshing the Studio page or selecting a different camera. If those steps do not resolve the video error, your browser's Hardware Acceleration setting might be causing it. Follow the steps below to change whether Hardware Acceleration is on or off.

Step by step:

  1. Using the same computer, copy and paste this link into your browser's address bar:
  2. Press Enter to open its settings System page.
    To copy, select the text and press Ctrl+C on a PC or ⌘+C on a Mac.
    To paste, press Ctrl+V on a PC or ⌘+V on a Mac.
  3. Under System, click the toggle next to Use hardware acceleration when available to turn it on or off.
    Change the Hardware acceleration option from whichever state it was in during the video error. Your browser must close all open pages to apply the change.
  4. Click Relaunch or Restart.
    Your browser closes all pages and applies the new setting.
  5. Open the browser again and re-join the Studio.
  6. In the Studio, select the same camera as before.
  7. Check whether the video error is fixed.

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