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After a recording session, the bottom of the recording's page lists the participants and their recorded tracks, as well as the status of each track.

Before you can download a High Quality Track, it goes through these statuses:
1) Recording, 2) Uploading, 3) Processing, 4) Ready.

1. Recording

The participant is still recording in the Studio.

  • If a track's status still says Recording after your call ends, the Host may have closed the Studio without stopping the recording.

2. Uploading

The participant's locally recorded track data is uploading to Riverside's servers. The status displays what percent of their track has been uploaded.

Participants should keep their browser window or mobile app open until they see the Successfully uploaded check_mono.svg status, even after the recording stops.


The amount of time before an upload finishes depends on the strength of the participant's internet connection, their camera's video resolution, and the length of the recording session.

3. Processing

Riverside is encoding and syncing the participant's track data.


The amount of time before a track finishes processing depends on the length of the recording session and the video resolution.

4. Ready (Done)

The participant's track is ready to combine with the other tracks and customize as a clip in the Editor. You can also download the High Quality Tracks as CFR MP4 or WAV files, or send them to another platform for editing.

Error, Empty, or Stopped

The participant's track upload may be incomplete. Direct them to finish an upload from their computer or from the mobile app. You can also download their Cloud Recording track in the meantime. If needed, contact Riverside support for more help.

Couldn't be processed

Contact Riverside support for more help processing the track. You can also download the Cloud Recording track in the meantime.

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