Download Media Board or Screen Share Tracks

After recording in the Studio, download tracks to use them with editing software. Follow the steps below to download a Media Board file or screen share video as a separate track.

Step by step

  1. Log in to your Riverside account.
  2. Under Studios, click the relevant Studio.
  3. Click the relevant recording.
  4. On the recording session's page, scroll to Recording files.
  1. In the Tracks table, find the desired media track.
  2. On the right side of the table, click Download.
  3. Click a file type, like Synced video (MP4), to download the track.

The maximum resolution of a screen share track is 1080p.

Video files for the screen share or media board are still available if a Studio was set to record only Audio.

TIP: Synced Tracks
Synced Video (MP4) and Synced Audio (WAV) tracks include empty space at their beginning to stay synchronized with participants' tracks when you import them to editing software. Read more.

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