Play Files on the Media Board

Play audio or video files in a Studio's Media Board to add sound effects, music, or video clips. Using the Media Board is less processor-intensive for your computer than a screen share. Follow the steps below to play files on the Media Board.

In general, a Studio's Host is the only participant who can access the Media Board to play or add files. In the Studio of a Riverside for Business account, Producers can also use it. (Any participant can share their screen.)

Step by step:

  1. Using a computer, join a Studio as a Host or as a Producer (only in a Riverside for Business Studio).
  2. In the sidebar on the right side of the Studio, click the Media tab.
    If you don't see the sidebar, click participants-users.svg (the participants icon) to expand it.
  3. Click a media file's tile to preview it.
    Only the Host sees or hears the preview.
  4. At the bottom of the sidebar, click the toggle between Preview and Live.
  5. Click the blue-play-circle.svgPlay button next to Live.
    Click Preview/Live to change between playback modes. When Preview is active, only you (the Host) can see or hear it. If you click Live, all participants see and hear the media and it is recorded as a High Quality Track.
Use the Media Board's volume slider to adjust the playback audio in the Studio, for example to fade the sound in/out or reduce the loudness of a looping background music track.

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