Accept Guests Waiting in the Lobby

When your Studio settings require Guests to wait in the Lobby, the Host or Producer must allow Guests into the Studio. Follow the steps below to let in Guests.

You must change a Studio's General settings to require Guests to wait in the Lobby.

Step by step:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Join a Studio as a Host or as a Producer.
  3. When a Guest requests to join the Studio, a popup displays their name:
  4. To let them in, click the green check.
On a computer, the Studio's sidebar also lists all participants waiting in the Lobby.

On the Riverside iOS app, you see an alert at the top of the screen when a participant asks to join the Studio.
The participants-users.svg (participants icon) in the top right corner also displays a blue dot if someone is waiting in the Lobby. Tap it to open the participants panel and let them join.
After clicking Join Studio in the Lobby, Guests see 'Waiting for host to accept' on a computer or 'Asking to join' on a mobile device.

If you accidentally click the red X and reject a Guest's request, they can repeat the request.

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