What is included in a free account?

With a free account on Riverside, you can create high-quality audio and video recordings in the Studio and use the Editor to compose, customize, and export the recordings.


Free Account

Paid Subscriptions

Record in the Studio

Unlimited recording time

Unlimited recording time

Customize recordings in the Editor and export the Clip or combined recording


Exported videos include a small watermark.



Watermark is optional.

Download a separate High Quality Track of each recorded participant or export the audio/video tracks to another platform

Up to 2 Hours
one time


(Use this to test the High Quality Tracks in your production process.)

5 or 15 Hours
each month


(The tracks' synced format is best for using with offline editing software.)

Live Stream to other platforms while recording

Not included


For additional details, including audio and video specs, see https://riverside.fm/pricing.

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