How are my subscription's hours calculated? Do unused hours roll over?

The hours included in your monthly subscription plan allow you to download participants' separate High Quality Tracks.

  • The time is calculated based on the duration of the recording sessions you download as separate track files, not the number of participant tracks you download.
  • The number of participants in the recording does not impact how many hours are used.
    • For example: after you record a 1-hour session with 3 participants, downloading their 3 High Quality Tracks uses 1 hour of your plan's monthly total
  • Unused recording hours expire and do not roll over to the following month.
  • Removing past recordings does not the increase hours available during a month.
All plans have unlimited access to the Riverside Editor to customize, export, and download recordings or externally-recorded media as composed clips and Magic Clips. These clips do not count toward the monthly hours.

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