Isolate Tracks With a Mixer or Rodecaster Pro

If you are using an audio mixer to record with Riverside, limit echo and audio feedback by enabling its Mix-Minus setting, if it has one.

Mix-minus ensures that the audio you record (sent from your mixer to your computer) does not also include the sound signal that the Studio outputs (from your computer to the mixer).

Rodecaster Pro: Enable Mix-Minus

Follow the steps below to enable Mix-Minus in your Rodecaster Pro's settings (firmware version 2.1 and newer).

Step by step

  1. Turn on the Rodecaster Pro or tap the Home icon.
  2. On its touchscreen, tap the Settings (gear) icon.
  3. Tap Advanced.
  4. Tap Audio
  5. Tap Processing.
  6. Tap the toggle next to USB Mix-minus to turn it on.
  7. Connect the Rodecaster Pro's USB-C output to your computer.
  8. Join a Riverside Studio.
  9. Change your audio input and output in the Lobby or in the Studio and select RODECaster Pro Stereo for both input and output.
It is important to use Rodecaster Pro Stereo mode and not Rodecaster Pro Multitrack/Multi-channel mode because computer browsers can only detect two channels.

More information is on Rode's site: Livestreaming with the Rodecaster Pro > Set up Communication Apps.

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Rodecaster Pro II: Use 'Chat' for Mix-Minus

If using a Rodecaster Pro II, it will appear as two devices after you connect it to a computer: RØDECaster Pro II Main and RØDECaster Pro II Chat. Choose RØDECaster Pro II Chat, which has mix-minus enabled by default.

Step by step

  1. Connect the Rodecaster Pro II's main USB ➀ output to your computer.
  2. Join a Riverside Studio.
  3. Change your audio input and output in the Lobby or in the Studio and select RØDECaster Pro II Chat for both input and output.
To share audio in the Studio from another application on your computer, you can also connect the Rodecaster Pro II's secondary USB 2 port to the computer and select "RØDECaster Pro II Secondary" for that application's audio output. More information is on Rode's site: USB Chat: The USB Output for Communications Apps.

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