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During a Studio session, Riverside displays the video frames of participants in equal sizes unless someone is sharing media or their screen. Expand a frame to change the layout only you see, or view one video frame in full screen.

Who: Host, Guests, Producers, and Audience
Plan: All
Device: Computer Browser or MacOS desktop app

Using a Computer

  1. Using your computer, join a Riverside Studio.
  2. Hover over a participant's live video frame.
  3. In the top right corner, click the maximize.svg Expand frame button.
    The participant's video frame is displayed larger.
  4. Click the button again to minimize.svg Minimize frame.
    Studio___Web___Expand_frame.png Studio___Web___Minimize_frame.png

Using the iOS App

  1. Using the Riverside mobile app, join a Studio.
  2. After multiple participants join the Studio, tap and hold on a participant's video frame.
  3. Tap maximize-01.svg Full Frame.
    The participant's video frame is displayed larger.
  4. Tap the minimize-circle Minimize button to reduce the frame's size.
    ios-full-frame_compr.PNG ios-minimize_compr.PNG
Video frames displayed in the Studio are sometimes cropped to fit all participants. The locally recorded High Quality video tracks are always saved as full-frame based on each participant's camera.

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