Manage Audience Live Call-In Requests

Audience members who join a recording session on a computer can request to join the live conversation and be recorded. The Host and Producers see the Audience member's name and their question, then can accept or ignore their request. Follow the steps below to manage Live Call-In requests.

Audience members need to join with a computer to Start Live Call and be recorded. Hosts and Producers also need to use a computer to accept or ignore their requests.

Step by step:

  1. Using a computer, join a Studio as a Host or Producer.
  2. Click Record.
    After an Audience member clicks Start Live Call, the Host or Producers see a pop-up with their name and question.
  3. Accept their request by clicking the green check button.
    Click the red X button to ignore the request. The Audience member stays in the Studio watching the session.
After you accept an Audience member's request, they join the session just like other Guests. Their camera/mic records a High Quality Track of them, and their video frame is visible to participants and other Audience members. They are included in the Studio sidebar's participant list.

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