Turn Individual Echo Cancellation On or Off

Who: Host, Producers, and Guests
Plan: All Plans
Device: Computer Browser

If you are not wearing headphones, Echo Cancellation limits how much other participants' audio output is picked up by your microphone and transmitted back into the Studio. Without it, other participants will hear a feedback signal or echo during the Studio session and the 'audio bleed' saves on their recorded tracks.

Audio from participants recording with the Riverside mobile app and backup recordings always have Echo Cancellation.

Step by step

  1. Using your computer, join a Riverside Studio.
  2. In the People sidebar on the right, look for a participant's name.
    If you don't see the sidebar, click people.svg People at the bottom of the page to expand it.
  3. Under your name or another participant's name, click the toggle next to Echo Cancellation.
    Their individual Echo Cancellation turns on or off.
    Studio___Sidebar___Echo.png width=

Echo Cancellation can only be changed before or after recording. If the toggle is grey, the Host must first stop the current recording.

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