Clip Export Options

When you export a Clip from the Editor, you can also apply audio processing or change the format of the exported file to decrease its size. An overview of clip export options is below.

  1. In the Export Options popup window, choose the video quality.
  2. Toggle Normalize Audio Levels (optional)
  3. Toggle Remove Background Noise (optional)
  4. Toggle Remove watermark (All paid plans)
The video resolution of each participant's track in an exported file is limited by the camera they use. For example, if a Guest's webcam has a maximum resolution of 720p, we recommend setting the maximum resolution of the exported clip to 720p. If you set the clip's maximum to 1080p HD or 2160p 4K, the exported file will be larger. Depending on the number of participant video tracks added to the clip, the composited video clip can remain sharp when you export it.

Audio Clip Export Options

The default audio format is a WAV HD file. On the dropdown menu, select MP3 compressed to export a smaller file.

Add optional audio processing by turning on sound filters that Normalize Audio Levels and/or Remove Background Noise.

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