About Internet Backup Recordings

The Riverside Studio creates three different types of recordings of each session: High Quality Tracks, internet Backups, and Clips and combined recordings.

Internet Backups are files recorded over the internet during the live call. The audio and video quality of these recordings depend on each participant's internet connection. Backups have a lower resolution than the locally recorded High Quality Tracks but they are useful as a reference or to review the conversation while the High Quality Tracks are processing.

  • Single Participant Backup recording (MP4)
    Each participant's Backup track is available as a video MP4 file. The video backup track has a maximum resolution of 720p and it may have a variable frame rate.
    Download a participant's Backup track on the Studio's recording session page.

  • All Participants Backup recording (MP4)
    This is a Backup file that includes audio and video from all recorded participants, as seen during the live call. The video tracks are arranged in a gallery view in one recording file which may have a variable frame rate.
    Download the All Participants Backup on a session's page.

NOTE: Audio-only Backup Recordings
If a participant's camera is turned off while recording, the MP4 Backup will show a generic silhouette.

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