Video and Audio File Formats (Overview)

Each time you record a session in the Riverside studio, it creates three kinds of media recordings:

Type File formats Use case

Participant's high-quality track

Separate track

Download and import to offline editing software

Raw track
(video or audio-only)

MP4 or WAV

Highest quality, for use in offline editor

Raw aligned track
(video or audio-only)

MP4 or WAV

Highest quality

Adds padding to start of track if someone joins after the recording begins or to align a shared media track

Magic Audio track


Creates a track with studio-quality audio

Compressed audio track


Reference or archival file

1/10th the size of the Raw audio WAV

Exported media from Riverside Editor

Combined track

EditMagic Clip, or Full Episode


WAV, or


Create customized footage of the full recording session or shorter clips for sharing

Can use Magic Audio instead of raw audio

Cloud recording tracks

Participant's Cloud Recording

Separate track

MP4 A reference file or backup

All Participants' Cloud Recording

Combined track

MP4 Reference file of the entire recording session

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